AI for Pharma and Healthcare

We at Think360 have extensive experience across product journeys in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

We have supported multiple clients along their product commercialization journey, who have benefited from our dedicated solutions and expertise along the way.

We help our pharma clients generate meaningful and actionable insights, to facilitate effective decision-making across their product commercialization journey. We work with pharmaceuticals of all sizes to create lasting real-world impact across the commercialization lifecycle.

Case Studies

Commercial Spend Optimization in Managed Market

In a multi-stakeholder market like managed care, ensuring commercial success across the brand portfolio is a constantly evolving challenge. To address this,’s AI-driven analytics framework utilizes the power of cross-channel data sets to provide ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ strategies

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Prescriber Targeting

Pharma manufacturers/companies spend thousands of dollars in identifying high-opportunity prescribers to prioritize and optimize their sales efforts. With the help of our AI-driven framework, we calculate Favourability Score for each HCP and identify prescribers with highest opportunities.

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IDN Segmentation

Integrated delivery networks (IDNs) are healthcare delivery systems that own or manage multiple points of patient care. It simplifies the disordered and fragmented healthcare delivery system and aims at logically unifying it.

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Messaging Effectiveness

For every prescriber targeting strategy, measuring the impact and effectiveness of messaging through various channels is very important to measure the ROI of various channels for effective promotional activities

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Incentive Compensation

Pharma manufacturers/companies spend a lot of money on rebates every year to ensure that their drugs get favourable formulary access through PBMs. This has not been the case with our clients!

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EMR Outreach Strategy

For a pre-launch specialty drug, we created an EMR strategy to understand which doctors use what kind of EMRs (cloud based, practice maintained, or health system maintained) to prioritize EMR messaging and EMR tactics.

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